Trainings and approach coming from my own sales and managerial experience are my product. has been more and more difficult to reach the substance of things. We are overwhelmed by information, figures and phrases. Superficial, one-sided facts pretend to be education or even wisdom.

I am not looking for further information. I want to start “in medias res“!

Dr. Svetozár Ružička
Trainer and Managing Director at Come&Lot, s.r.o.

In 1992, I became a veterinary doctor. Shortly afterwards, I “moved off the path“ and spent the following ten years working in various business and managerial positions in health care and pharmaceutical industry.

In 2001, I started a career in an insurance company, in which I became a deputy director of the branch network. Later on I worked as a manger of business groups and networks in broker companies in Slovakia and the Czech Republic (MLM). As a project manager, I took part in the pension and healthcare reform in Slovakia (2004).

I participated in the incorporation of and I was a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Financial Agents and Advisors for two years (2006-2008).

I launched my own project of corporate bonds issue for a Czech joint-stock company (2009).

I worked as a consultant and couch during the Czech pension reform (2013).

I concentrate in particular on the project management and business structures training.

Venujem sa najmä projektovému manažmentu a tréningom obchodných štruktúr.

Main trainings:

  • Sales
  • Management (of the existing) team
  • Team development (recruitment and incorporation)
    • ideally as a series of consecutive trainings “Academy“
  • Public presentation

Ideas, key topics we deal with in trainings:


  • Products, career, ideas, solutions are sold... That is why term “sales“ is the core topic, a basis for all subsequent trainings. When people buy (?), customer typology, sales process anatomy...

Team management

  • How to motivate and lead a business team to results? How to set or adjust the existing procedures, relationships, habits and skills? Team audit. Performance increase and burnout resistance...

Team development

  • Search for and recruitment of new team members. Recruitment motivation and persistence. Team recruitment. SMART incorporation...

Public presentation

  • Preparation and organization of a public presentation. Enrap turing presentation before a group - preparation, construction and delivery of presentation...


  • Academy is a series of interconnected and related trainings aiming at the development of sales, communication, presentation, managerial and recruitment skills of the selected persons
  • Non-traditional forms of communication with a branch network of an insurance company, competition announcement using the “RECRUITMENT HYSTERY” cartoon.
  • The project dates back to my work in insurance company Amslico.
  • Own project of pension reform implementation in a broker company
  • Sales tool for approx. 2500 co-workers during the reform preparation
  • Later on I became a branch network (MLM) and customer service manager
  • Motivating lecture “Feed your Cow” (I mean the opportunity)
  • Slovakia-wide meeting of the AFS branch network during the healthcare reform (recruitment of the insured for a new commercial health insurance company)
  • AFISP (Association of Financial Agents and Advisors)
  • One of the most respected entities on the Slovak financial market at present
  • Corporate bonds as the source of business financing and company development
  • Opportunity to benefit from interesting projects for individuals - investors
  • The interview in which I presented the project in magazine DIAMOND GUIDE
  • Opening speech for the network of sales persons of Česká pojišťovna – experience from the reform
  • Reform preparation – information and motivating road show for more than 1000 co-workers of Česká pojišťovna
  • Academy for 170 managers of Česká pojišťovna
  • Representational, educational and presentational printed material (folder) for a business network of financial brokers and their clients
  • Harmonic combination of park, garden and stock raising with an interesting production of milk, meat, eggs,
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